Fellowship Presentations

National Roundtable

A Round Table was held on 31 January 2017 to launch the ‘Engaging students as partners in global learning’ Fellowship. It brought together national and international experts and colleagues who are interested in exploring how staff and students can work together as active, critical, and agentic partners in learning and teaching in the interconnected, multicultural societies of the 21st century. The Round Table was open to university staff and students across Australia.

Professor Mick Healey (Healey HE Consultants, UK), Professor Betty Leask (La Trobe University), Professor Fazal Rizvi (Melbourne University) and Dr Kelly Matthews (University of Queensland) were among the speakers at the Roundtable.

National Symposium

An open National Symposium was held on 9th October 2017. It brought together experts in global learning and student-staff partnerships, and staff and student members of 11 of the 13 SaPGL project teams who presented their work at a Critical Friends’ Café.

Professor Fazal Rizvi (Melbourne University), Professor Betty Leask (La Trobe University) and Ms Arfa Noor (International Education Association, Australia) were among the speakers at the Symposium.